The Good and the Bad

I’m sure most of you had that one friend in high school that was absolutely your best friend. You know, the one you were joined with at the hip? I had such a friend and my life, however, we took very different paths and lost contact with each other. That was until recently when my best friend from high school found my sister on Facebook and as a result found me. We live in different states now – I’m in Illinois and she’s in Arkansas – but Facebook has offered us an opportunity to catch up. That is until today. Today, we were able to catch up in person. She came back to Illinois for a visit and we went to lunch. For a matter-of-fact, we had a 3 1/2 hour lunch. What I haven’t shared so far is that we lost contact just over 30 years ago. Honestly, it’s impossible to catch up on 30 years in just 3 1/2 hours, but we gave it a good shot. It was amazing and I’m so grateful to have her back in my life.

My reason for cutting our lunch to only 3 1/2 hours is that I wanted to go visit Ryan at the hospital. My poor baby is having seizures yet again. He’s had somewhere around 30 seizures since yesterday morning. He actually had 3 seizures while I was visiting him. The neurologist has added another seizure med to his diet and by the time I left the hospital he had gone 1 hour and 20 minutes without a seizure, which I believe broke his record for the day.

Considering all the seizure activity, he’s actually doing pretty well. He’s alert and follows direction pretty well. He’s moving slow, but the fact that he’s moving at all is amazing. Now we work on getting his seizures under control and finding the right combination of medicines to keep them under control. That seems to be an uphill battle.


  1. I'm SO sorry to hear about all of Ryan's seizures. His poor body has to be exhausted!On a brighter note, it was cool to hear about you reconnecting with your friend. 30 years or 30 days apart it makes no difference with some people.

  2. So sorry to hear about Ryan……we keep praying for you, your family and of course Ryan.30 seizures, oh my…….Hopefully the doctors will figure out the right medications and dosage VERY soon.Glad you met an old friend of yours. It's always interesting to see what became of people from the past.Blessings,melPraying for MANY good news for you this week 🙂

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