What About Happiness?

As a blogger, there are times when I have a lot of different thoughts running thru my head that I would like to write about. Other times, I struggle to come up with anything. Now is one of those times that I have a plethora of topics I would like to write about.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post everything here or even write multiple posts in one day. With a family, garden, house, yard, and dogs to take care of, I am only able to commit a short amount of time to my blog.

On that note, let me begin.

My husband recently came across a documentary called, “Happy” and that documentary has triggered some very deep and thought-provoking conversation about our own happiness.

What makes a person truly happy? Is it money? Family? Friends? Your work?

This documentary travels to places all over the world in search of people who are truly happy and what it is about their lives that make them happy.

The findings weren’t that surprising to me. For a matter-of-fact, those things that bring about the most happiness in the lives of people are simple – a close network of supportive family and friends as well as having compassion for others. And not just having compassion for others, but being there and helping others. It’s not about selfishness, but it’s about selflessness.  It’s not about any religion, but it’s about spirituality. 

Between watching this documentary and the follow-up discussions we’ve had, it’s been very eye-opening. 

I wish I could say we’re living a life that makes us truly happy, but that’s really not the case. Not that we’re not happy, but what we’re doing in our lives and the way we’re living our lives isn’t bringing us a level of happiness we need or desire.  That is something we are going to change.

If you haven’t seen this documentary, I would encourage you to watch it. http://www.thehappymovie.com/

For those who have Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can find it there as well.

If you have watched it or after you’ve watched it, please share your thoughts. 

Are you living your life in a way that is bringing you true happiness?


  1. i am toying with the idea that happiness is even simpler than social/family networks and helping others. I wonder if the phrase “Happiness is a choice” encompasses the most fundamental basis for internal peace & contentment. I don’t know.
    The movie was fantastic.

    • I do believe that we either choose to be happy or not. I also believe that having a supportive network of family and friends is a vital part of a person’s overall happiness.

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