Funny Things Kids Say

Dave and Lili enjoy watching a show called “How It’s Made.”  In one episode, they were making  fishing reels.  Lili leaned over and said, “Some other day when I’m older you can teach me to go fishing, Daddy.”  Ah, what a wonderful vision of daddy and daughter heading to the lake for a little fishing.  However, there is one problem – daddy doesn’t really know much about fishing.  So, that evening Dave said to Lili, “Hey, you know Uncle Mack has a boat and likes to go fishing. I wonder if we’d be able to go fishing with Uncle Mack when we’re down in Texas in a few weeks?”  Lili looked at her daddy and said, “We should ask Uncle Mack to take us fishing… but not for octopus or whales, because they are dangerous. Just little fish.”

Don’t want to forget this conversation, so it’s now in print.  🙂

One comment

  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smooch her for me! And give that other cutie one, too! Naomi,not Dave! Not that he’s not cute………………

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