One Week

Seven days! One week! Yes, we are scheduled to leave the U.S. one week from today for Ethiopia.

I say ‘scheduled’ because as of yesterday our fingerprint renewal information still had not made it to the National Visa Center. The National Visa Center cables that information to the Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is the Embassy doesn’t have the information, we don’t have an appointment. I’ve sent two emails to USCIS asking for information and assistance but have not gotten a response so I took it one step further yesterday and have contacted our Congressman and Senator’s offices asking for their assistance in helping us. Other families have had to go this route and it’s proven successful for them, so I’m hoping it will prove to be successful for us as well. It seems that when a U.S. government official contacts USCIS, they tend to take it a bit more seriously than when a family contacts them.
We have one full week before we leave and two full weeks before our Embassy appointment so I’m choosing to stay positive that this is going to work out. My hope is that it is resolved before we leave and believe me, I’ll be doing everything in my power to make sure that happens.

Naomi’s room in now ready for her arrival. The last dresser arrived Thursday so Dave got it assembled last night with a little help from his assistant, Lili the Tool Girl Weeks. Not sure she was a tremendous amount of help, but she was very excited about helping daddy and by the end of the project she was able to correctly identify screwdrivers, pliers and hammers.

There are still a few things that need to be done before Naomi’s room is complete. Her walls are in desperate need of decoration, however, our plan is to purchase some pictures and items in Ethiopia and will hang them upon our return. Dave is also going to build a closet organizer for her closet, but that will also have to wait until we get back. In the meantime, here is what we’ve gotten done so far.

Notice the quilt and pillow on the rocking chair. That is Naomi’s first gift from my friend Debby.

I would also love to replace the rocking chair with a soft upholstered chair, but if that happens, it won’t happen until we get back. It is just nice to have all her furniture set up and clothes in her dressers. The only thing that it’s truly missing is Naomi.


  1. Just add baby and nursery is complete. I love it!! Can't wait to see Naomi in it! I can't believe you will be picking her up so soon, it seems just like yesterday you were still waiting on your referral. Time flys when it is someone elses experience. When it is your own experience it seems to go by way too slow. LOL!

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