Sunny California

Is not so sunny right now.

The girls and I arrived to cloudy weather and yesterday afternoon the sun made an appearance. Actually, it was very nice to see the sun since our main reason for making the trip to California was to attend my niece’s wedding. The wedding was in a canyon in Laguna Beach, so some sunshine was a nice touch to a nice ceremony. Still, I would like to see more of the sun and have found myself singing one song often . . . .

Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me . . . .

Tonight we introduced my sister, her husband, their oldest daughter and her husband to Ethiopian food. We went to a restaurant in Anaheim called Tana. The food was great, service was good and the staff lovely. We will certainly make our way back there next time we come out for a visit.

Before heading to dinner, we went to Downtown Disney and made our first visit to Build a Bear. Lili was only partially into Build a Bear, but Naomi seemed to love the experience. Lili is now the proud owner of a black bear we call Carly. Carly includes a little device in her paw that plays the theme song to ICarly. Thus the name, Carly. Naomi is the proud owner of a cute little, cream, brown and black dog we call Dog Dog. There are no additions to Dog Dog and Naomi has smothered Dog Dog with kisses and hugs which began before he had any stuffing.

Tomorrow and Monday we will make a visit to the happiest place on earth – Disneyland. We are staying in a hotel right across the street and Lili is very excited about going. Last night we were able to see the fireworks and are currently waiting for them to start again tonight. Lili says they are “awesome.”

Sorry, no photos this time, but I promise to post pictures from our trip once we get back home.


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