CTC and Snow

Only 10 more days until court. While I’m excited about our upcoming court date, I also realize that things often change in Ethiopia. Several families were expecting their cases to be heard yesterday only to be informed that they had been rescheduled to the first week of January. But for now, I’ll continue to do my countdown in the hope that we really do only have 10 more days of waiting.

Every year I hope for a white Christmas and living in Central Illinois certainly makes the possibility real. We didn’t get the white Christmas I was hoping for, but the snow did fall from time to time. However, the following day, as we were returning from taking Ryan back to Charleston, the snow really began to fall. It fell and it fell and it fell. We woke up Sunday morning to a blanket of white, which is what I had hoped to see on Christmas day. It finally stopped snowing Sunday afternoon so Lili and I bundled up and headed out for her first driveway shoveling lesson.

We started easy by having her try her hand at using the scraper on the driveway.
Then it was on to the more difficult task of walking through the snow.
And then she tried her hand at the actual shoveling of the snow.
She was very good about getting the snow on the shovel, but not so good about dumping it off the shovel.

She was good at playing in the snow though.

She really loves the snow!


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