While I would love to say, “It’s good to be home,” the truth is, I’d rather be cruising around the Caribbean.  We endured a couple hours of rain in the Bahamas Wednesday morning, but other than that, it was sunny and in the 70’s and low 80’s.  I even have the burn to prove I was basking in the sun 🙂  As we were driving home, it got colder and colder.  Eventually we started seeing snow on the ground and I knew our vacation was really over.  Boo!  Hiss!!!

We really did have a wonderful time though and the girls were fantastic during the cruise.  We were on Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas and while it wasn’t as wonderful an experience as our last cruise (details in a future post), it was still nice.  We ate, drank, laughed, relaxed and enjoyed spending time together.

The highlight for Lili was Adventure Ocean.  Adventure Ocean is a program for kids ages 3-11.  Lili “LOVED” it and because she loved it, we loved it.   She got to do art projects, play games, science projects, build sand castles and made new friends.  On the last night of the cruise, they turned our little angels into pirates and had them put on a little skit in the Sound of Music theater.  It was very cute and created a proud mommy and daddy moment.

Naomi also had a good time.  Adventure Ocean had a program for her as well, but it wasn’t a program that allowed us to drop her off and go do our own thing like the program Lili was in.  Instead, they offered play time for kids 6 -36 months in 45 minute increments 2-3 times per day.  It is sponsored by Fisher Price and gave Naomi and her new little friends time to interact and play with some fun toys while mom and/or dad sat by visiting and interacting with the other parents.

Another highlight for all of us was our day at Coco Cay, which is royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas.  It was a near perfect day.  Sunshine, with a few clouds, warm and crystal clear water.  A sting ray even came into the shallow swim area we were in, so I was able to snap a few pictures (which I’ll share once I get all my pictures copied to the computer).

While this was our second cruise (first for Lili and Naomi), it certainly won’t be our last.  We truly love cruising and I’m already scoping out our next cruise adventure.

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