Admitting Jealousy

I read a very good blog post today.  It was written by a grandmother of two little girls adopted from Ethiopia.  I don’t know this family or these little girls.  What I do know is that these girls suffer from RAD – Reactive Attachment Disorder.  If you are not familiar with RAD you can find some good information here.  The other thing I know is that based on this blog post, they have one awesome grandmother that gets it.  She respects that her daughter is doing what is right and in the best interest of her children.  She allows her daughter to take the lead in the care of her children and does what she is asked to do or not to do.  And she gives some very good advice.

I think that most adoptive parents have family members (and friends) that just don’t get it and some who just don’t want to get it.  It doesn’t matter if RAD is involved, adoption itself can bring out the worst in some people.  It’s frustrating and quite honestly after reading this blog post, I found myself feeling jealous.  My children don’t have RAD, but we have had some attachment issues along the way.  We also have some wonderfully supportive and respectful friends and family members, but we also have some who fall into a completely different category that doesn’t include support or respect.  That is where my jealousy comes in.

What a lucky family to have such a loving, respectful and supportive mother and grandmother at their side.  Wonder if she would mind being adopted into our family?!!!!!  🙂

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I am a wife, a mother via biology and adoption, a homeschooler and a lover of travel.

One thought on “Admitting Jealousy

  1. I get the jealousy. I don’t understand how or why people (family or otherwise) cannot be respectful of situations they do not understand and why on earth they feel they even have the right to share their ignorant thoughts. I hold out hope that their ignorance will at some point turn to enlightenment, but I know it’s highly unlikely.

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