Gone Too Soon, A Mother’s Pain

This blog post has been rattling around in my head all day.  Even now I don’t know exactly what it is I want to write, so for now I’ll just write and hope the words make sense.

Most of my blog readers know that we lost our youngest son almost 15 months ago.  Nothing can ever prepare a parent for the loss of their child and there really are no words that can take away the pain.  Yet, kind words do ease the pain and do give comfort, even 15 months later.

Time does do it’s job, although slowly.  As time has passed, the grief has lessened or at least become more bearable.  However, it’s still there and it raises back to the surface during those moments, those days or those events that cause us to think, feel and remember the child we’ve lost.

For me, today has been that moment, that day and that event.  You see, 23 years ago today I gave birth to Ben.  He arrived 3 weeks early at 6 lbs and 18 inches in length.  He was a beautiful baby who grew to be a beautiful little boy and a handsome young man.  He was in this world early and then he was gone too soon. 

I have felt a mother’s pain that has at times been unimaginable.  A pain that has taken my breath away.  I will forever feel those twinges of grief and pain.  I will continue to think of him every day.  I will forever love and miss him.  And as time continues to do his job, I will find that the tears I now shed when I think of him will turn to smiles.  Time will one day allow me to even laugh when I think of the funny things he did or said.  But that time has not yet arrived and I think of him today with tears as I remember the baby boy I held for the first time who is gone too soon.

Happy Birthday Ben!  I love you and miss you more than words can adequately express!!

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I am a wife, a mother via biology and adoption, a homeschooler and a lover of travel.

7 thoughts on “Gone Too Soon, A Mother’s Pain

  1. Debbie and Family,
    I am thinking of you today. Know in your heart that I love you and think of you often. To the best friend any one person can have all my love to you from far away.

  2. Debbie–I am SO sorry. I don’t think I knew this before. I can’t even imagine the pain you must deal with on a daily basis. I’m glad you are able to start writing about it and can see that time brings some healing. I’m so sorry.


  3. Debbie, you gracefully spoke your heart .. I am praying for an extra measure of peace and comfort on Ben’s birthday. I am so sorry for your tremendous loss.

  4. Debbie, you write those emotions so well and so delicately. I’m sorry. Motherhood clearly has hard moments but you have experienced the saddest of them.

  5. I, too, have felt the pain of my son leaving us too soon. Travis was 22 yrs old and it has been over 3 years ago. You wrote so wonderfully, encompassing many of my own emotions. Sending hugs this day and I would like to think that just maybe our boys are celebrating together tonight and that is why I was drawn to read your entry!


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