November 3, 1985 = 26 Years

They had been friends for years and in December, 1984 their friendship blossomed into something more.  Their long distance relationship – him in Germany, her in Illinois – gave them the unique opportunity to truly get to know each other.  Their friendship and love only grew stronger and on November 3, 1985 she walked down the aisle, put her hand in his and they said ‘I will’ – I will always love you; I will always take care of you; I will be there for you no matter what life throws our way.

For 26 years they have loved each other.  For 26 years they have taken care of each other.   And in 26 years, life has thrown just about everything at them and they have endured – raising a son with autism, the death of another son, moves, the adoption of two children with a third in their future, the death of grandparents and parents, job changes, financial ups and downs – more than many marriages could survive.

They had family and friends who did not support their decision to marry.  Family and friends who didn’t think it would last, but after 26 years they are as committed to their vows as they ever were.

Thank you David for 26 years of love, friendship and dedication.  There are not words to describe the love and respect I have for you as a husband, a father and a man.  There is no one else I would rather travel through life with than you.

I’m quite sure this song was written especially for us because we have certainly made it and will continue to make it.  Youre still the one!


  1. sigh!
    I cannot believe you’ve been married 26 years and cannot fathom how anyone wouldn’t think you are a wonderful couple together. You compliment each other so well. The love you have for one another is so deep. The comradery you share is so refreshing. You truly belong together. I cannot imagine either of you with anyone else.
    Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple!

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