Life’s Casualties

They have a way of causing one to think about their own life.  It makes people consider or reconsider whether they are living life to the fullest or simply skating thru while making little effort to ever change. Recently, hubby got some very sad news about a friend.  This friend tragically lost their life.  AContinue reading “Life’s Casualties”

4? Seriously?

In November, 2009 we received these pictures of the baby girl who would soon become our daughter. Seriously, how can my baby be 4 years old already?  Yet we celebrated this beautiful, energetic, chatty, creative, fun, exuberant, dramatic and loving little girl’s 4th birthday yesterday. Naomi, our life certainly wouldn’t be complete without you!!  Happy Birthday!!!!

November 3, 1985 = 26 Years

They had been friends for years and in December, 1984 their friendship blossomed into something more.  Their long distance relationship – him in Germany, her in Illinois – gave them the unique opportunity to truly get to know each other.  Their friendship and love only grew stronger and on November 3, 1985 she walked downContinue reading “November 3, 1985 = 26 Years”