What’s In a Name

My girls really like stuffed animals and every time they get a new one, it must be given a name.  They like to give them names that mean something to them.

For example, Naomi got a stuffed tiger from Bass Pro Shop a couple of years ago and named it Bassy.  About a year before Bassy, she got a little stuffed bear that she named Lightbald, because the first thing she looked at when she was trying to come up with a name was the lightbulb in her ceiling fan.  She couldn’t pronounce lightbulb and thus was born, Lightbald.  Still, it was a connection 🙂

When hubby returned from a recent fishing trip down near New Orleans, he gave Lili a stuffed alligator which she has name Neo – short for New Orleans.  The stuffed bear he brought back from Seattle she calls Seawa, short for Seattle, WA.

Boat owners are notorious for naming their boats, some people name their cars, and RV owners like to name their RVs.

Hubby and I have been trying to come up with a good name for our RV.  We want a name that has some meaning and connects us to our 2nd home.

A few days ago, hubby shared this name with me . . . . .

The connection is our continued desire to homestead and our desire to travel in our RV.

Homestead On Wheels In Essence = HOWIE!!!

Personally, I think the RV needs a female name, but I do like the connection between homesteading and RVing.  Maybe this?!!!!!

Hoping Our Plan Emerges = HOPE!!!!

Or maybe this one which means homestead traveler . . . . . .

Treva Beatrix

Then my research into names lead me to this name . . . . .

Liridona (lear-a-dona)

It means, longing for freedom, which is a wonderful description of hubby and me.

We long for the freedom to hit the open road, visit new places and see what adventures await us.  We also long for the homestead lifestyle that can provide us the freedom to raise our own food and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

It’s a strange combination of longing, but it lead me on a search to find a name meaning longing.


Or maybe . . . . .

Desideria Fernanda

These two names mean longing and adventure.

I am probably spending way too much time trying to come up with the perfect name, but it is fun to try to come up with potential RV names.

Do you like any of the names we’ve come up with so far?














  1. Have to say I really like HOWIE; did from the first moment I read it. But I like HOPE too.:) And NO I don’t think you’re spending too much time on a name. “She” will become part of the family after all!

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