For the Love of Hair

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still in learning mode when it comes to fixing Naomi’s hair.  Most of the time I think I do okay.  I can’t do a lot of elaborate braids and twists, but I’ve figured out the simple things and since she’s not one to sit still for long periods of time, the simple things work right now.

I’ve figured out what hair care products work well for her hair, but still experiment from time-to-time.  For the most part though, I stick with what works and have only changed when I have found something better.

A few weeks ago I had a somewhat embarrassing moment related to Naomi’s hair though.

I didn’t put her hair up in puffs or twists, but instead wet it down, conditioned it and put a headband in her hair.  It was really cute when we left the house, but after getting in and out of her car seat several times while running errands, it was looking is bit disheveled.  We were on our last errand and standing in the check-out line when an African-American woman approached me and asked, “Is this your daughter?”  I proudly responded, “Yes she is.”  She then handed me her business card and said she was a hair dresser.   Yes, I wanted to crawl under a rock at that moment, but the fact is, I had not yet found a place I wanted to take her for hair trims, getting braids done professionally, etc. so this was a good thing.   I smiled and thanked her telling her I had not yet found a hair dresser for her hair (obviously, she knew that already).  I haven’t contacted her yet, but when I feel she won’t remember seeing us in that check-out line, I’ll give her a call and schedule an appointment 🙂

On a positive note, I did the same thing with Naomi’s hair this morning.  Wet it down, put some conditioner in her hair, head band on and we were ready to go.  While out and about I received 3 comments and one comments was from an African-American woman who complimented her hair.  I have to soak up those moments and allow myself to feel some pride in my abilities.  After all, I didn’t have the experience of curly hair care from childhood into adulthood and am still early in the learning curve, but I am getting there.

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