Twas a Few Days Before Christmas

And all through the house,

Creatures were stirring, but fortunately no mouse.

Gifts have been purchased, wrapping is done.

Finished it early, this war I have won.

The tree has been trimmed with sparkle and lights.

Making each of our evenings cheery and bright.

Excitement abounds as the Holiday nears.

Caroles we sing full of laughter and cheer.

Cookies and goodies soon ready bake.

Only for those who wish to partake.

Family and friends we hold dear in our hearts.

Thinking of them though we will be apart.

Waiting on Santa to arrive in his sleigh

Hoping he’ll enjoy the cookies we’ve made.

Now to all those we cherish, friends old and friends new,

Have a Very Merry Christmas

And Happy New Year to you!


  1. Merry Christmas Debbie and your family! Emma really enjoyed your Christmas card. We did not do cards this year hopefully next with our new addition. No word yet but hopefully soon.

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