The Midnight Bark

Okay, it wasn’t actually midnight, but more like 2:00 a.m. when I heard a dog barking.  As I woke up more I realized it sounded a lot like our dog, Lexie.  I layed quietly, listening more carefully and kept thinking to myself, “That sounds like Lexie.”  But why would Lexie be outside at 2:00 a.m. barking.  That is not like her at all.  After a couple more minutes of trying to decifer whether or not the barking dog was in fact “our” dog, I decided to get up an investigate.  I walked downstairs and discovered both dogs missing.

When I say missing, I simply mean they were not in the house curled up asleep and about that time I again heard the barking dog, which was in fact our sweet little Lexie.  I opened the back door and stepped out onto the frigid deck to hush her and to look for our other dog Jada.  About that time Jada popped her head up from the other side of the sand box and I quietly called for them to come in.  Lexie came running, Jada did not.  Now, this isn’t shocking by any means.  Jada is the dominant of the two and extremely smart, which also makes her extremely stubborn.  Lexie ran into the house and right back out through the doggie door and began barking at Jada.  At this point I’m trying to figure out in the cold and dark of the night, whether or not Jada is injured and this is causing Lexie to bark.  So I pulled out the big guns – dog biscuits.  If Jada won’t run into the house for dog biscuits, then I am going to need to get dressed and head outside.  I opened the window and quietly yelled, “Jada, Lexie, biscuits.”  Both dogs came running and as Jada ran in through the doggie door I quickly determine why Lexie was barking.  Jada had caught an animal in our yard and the evidence was all over her paws and legs.  As quickly as she ran through the doggie door, she turned around and ran back out.  I knew she had caught some animal and that animal had met its demise, but these dogs could not go back outside where Lexie would surely continue barking and waking up all our neighbors.  Once again, I coaxed Jada into the house with the promise of a dog biscuit and she took the bait (and the biscuit).  I closed and locked up the doggie door and they were now in for the night.  However, Jada was not happy about being pulled away from her midnight snack and for the next hour I could hear her grumble and periodically let out a little bark to let everyone know she was not happy.

At 6:30 this morning, Dave got dressed and headed outside to find the animal that created all the stir – a rabbit.

It has always amazed me that any rabbit would squeeze their way through out chain link fence, into a yard frequented by two dogs.  We’ve actually had two rabbit nests in this same part of our yard with baby rabbits inhabiting the nests.  Unfortunately, the dogs discovered one nest and Dave found the other before they did.  So again I ask, why would rabbits come into this part of our yard.  We have a large yard and the majority is not fenced or visited by our dogs.   We have tall, ornamental grasses in the unfenced part of the yard and it seems like a much better place for a rabbit to spend some quality family time, yet they still come into Jada and Lexie territory.  Things that make you go, hum?

And you may be asking, “Why was Lexie barking?”  It’s simple.  Jada wouldn’t share and Lexie was tattling.

Lexie, the tattler.
Jada, the rabbit catcher.

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