Another Museum Visit

Every since our trip to the Field Museum in Chicago, Lili has had a big fascination with dinosaurs.  I recently bought her 3 books which we read on a daily basis now and I found a dinosaur park made by Animal Planet that I had to purchase.  She now has somewhere between 20-30 dinosaurs, which include adult and baby dinos.

Lili also has a fascination with planets.  She tells me that Jupiter is her favorite and recognizes most of the planets.  Dave even added a planet app to his tablet so Lili could continue exploring her interest in our solar system.

We have a small museum and planetarium in our area.  Lili has been asking to go for the last week, so this morning I got online to check out the hours.  To my surprise and Lili’s excitement we discovered that they currently have an exhibit called ‘Be the Dinosaur™ Life in the Cretaceous.’  Of course this means we’ll be making a visit to the museum in the not too distant future.  Just hope she doesn’t explode from excitement over dinosaurs and planets all on the same visit.

This little girl loves learning new things and it is awesome to watch her excitement and enthusiasm as she discovers new things.


  1. That is SO COOL and I have some dinosaurs she can add to her collection! My boys have some they no longer play with!

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