Home Sweet Home Part II

Shortly after we began discussing our plans to homestead,  my hubby made the suggestion that we build a small Yurt on our homestead property to live in while we were building our larger home. Not being overly familiar with Yurts I began my research and became very intrigued. My concern, however, was the fact that we were talking about putting up a Yurt in the Central U.S. where summers can get very hot and humid with winters potentially getting very cold and snowy. How would a wood structure with a fabric walls hold up? According to the websites I found, it appeared they would hold up quite well, but what would it cost us to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter? So we moved on to looking at more conventional homes. Still, there were many things I liked about the Yurt.  When discarded home plans for the home we thought we would one day build on our homestead, I again began thinking of a Yurt home.

Then one day I was introduced to this website.  This company builds pre-fab Yurt-like round houses.  Instead of fabric walls, this would have solid built walls.  Then I found this floor plan on the website . . . . .

Upper Level
Lower level

I love the look, the style, and the lay-out of this house.  The only thing missing on the plan is a deck, but that can be added, no problem!!!

I imagine myself sitting on the deck of my round house sipping hot tea on a cool spring morning as I prepare to go out and milk and feed he goats, collect eggs, feed the chickens and rabbits.  I can see myself homeschooling the girls in this house.  I can envision myself preparing meals in the kitchen and entertaining friends and family who come to visit.  I imagine pure joy every time I look up from my garden or drive up and see our round house on our homestead.

Building a round house is pretty much just a dream at this point, but until someone wakes me up, I’m going to keep the dream alive.


  1. I love this idea and I have actually seen many of these homes, up on stilts, in the south! I have never been inside one, though! Keep the dream alive! Can’t wait to see it unfold!!!! I’ll come sip tea with you!

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