4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend will be full of  fireworks, hot dogs, grilled chicken, sweets, family and fun.  As such, my blog will be on vacation for the weekend 🙂



  1. Johnsonville brats and potato salad, chips,and homemade sarsaparilla for us. And, after the parade, the kids and I will make another keyhole garden. This one will be more like the ground level, no-raised-bed But hilled in middle African one in the pictures, as I have no bricks to build up. But, there are already railroad ties on two opposing sides, and the ends will just slope down to the ground. I am changing a garden place I already have, to make it easier to water, compost bin in the middle, large one this time, then it will just need a hose to the bin, to water it. I am still learning. There will be a keyhole, for easier access, and I’ll tile the walk in spot. Found some tiles here, so again, just using what I have on hand. Large floor tiles, collected by blacksmith son.
    I have been germinating kohlrabi seeds in egg cartons, cut to little cups, then arranged in #10 cans filled with sphagnum moss, (inherited from grown son who moved to BYU I a few years ago) then the cups filled with moss, then 2 seeds in each cup, one on each side. Then when they sprout, 2-4 days later, I pull out the moss and sprouts, separate in half, and plant both in garden, just tuck them in a small hole. In garden kohlrabi takes 2-3 weeks to germinate. I have done 3 rows of kohlrabi this way, and it works well. I reuse those egg carton pots again too, until they fall apart. I put them in the top of dirt/sphagnum moss filled #10 can, because I can put 7 in there, and the can fits in my window sill, just, and if the moss is wet, it wicks up through the egg carton, and keeps the moss in the egg pots damp. I don’t need to worry about watering it at all, as the moss is wet enough to give up water for a week or 2. Why,?because Isaiah won’t let them alone. He watered them good a few weeks ago, and moss holds LOTS of water. So, new keyhole garden will be mostly kohlrabi bed. It takes several, 4 for a meal, so we can use plenty, and it grows to maturity faster than many other things. Also have 4 ball zucchini for that garden, but don’t know if they will have enough time to produce. Short growing season here.
    Other keyhole is looking good. We’ve been eating chard and chives from it already. And lettuce and spinach from regular garden.
    Happy Fourth!

      • We did. After the parade, yard work, and grilled brats, we went to nearby grade school to play. Isaiah’s bike came along. He has been using balance bike since Christmas, but I thought he was able, and ready for pedal bike, so that is what we brought. Good pavement there, only sloping gravel at home. He rode his “real” bike for the first time. He is 8 and has balance, motor planning, coordination troubles, so this was a BIG deal. There was a lot of cheering, high fives,and he had on the biggest grin EVER.
        Now I can start working with Ming, also 8, also has trouble in same areas….
        It was definately a memorable day.
        Today, 3 kids got 2 or 3 yellow jacket stings each. When we located the nest, and saw the hammers the kids were banging on the wood next to it with, it made more sense.
        Maybe they won’t try that again…

      • Good job Isaiah!!!

        Lili just learned to ride her bike a few weeks ago as well. She’s 7 and had a LOT of fear about falling. Her determination to ride finally took over her fear and she did it.

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