I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship recently and just how thankful I am to have such great friends in my life. Some friends I’ve had since elementary school and others have only been friends for a short period of time. What I discovered recently was how wonderfully supportive my friends are and I treasure those friendships more than I can express through words.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve made several friends via the adoption community. These people have quickly become amazing friends who I consider to be family (and you all know who you are). These relationships began as a desire for my daughters to have friends from their birth countries and I had no idea just how much I would benefit. Now I am witness to that desire becoming reality as Lili builds her own friendships with the children of my friends. I look forward to watching Naomi establish her own friendships as she gets older and hope that my girls treasure their friends as much as I do.

After our visit with Ryan on Sunday we stopped to meet some friends for dinner and I was able to get a few pictures of Lili with her friend Grace. Grace is a couple years older, but it is very apparent that these two are becoming good friends.

Grace and Lili touching up their lipstick.
Aren’t they beautiful?
Look, biker chicks!
Hey, look at me. No hands!!!!
Looks like Lili picked up a hitch hiker.

We love our friends!


  1. I always enjoy your blogs! LOVE the pics you post! So glad I found you and look forward to growing our friendship!!!!!!!(((((((((((hugs))))))))))))Debby

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