1 Month and 10 Months

One month ago today, we held Naomi in our arms for the very first time.

She turned 9 months old that day and today she turns 10 months old. We love our little Naomi and who could possibly resist this cute little face? πŸ™‚


  1. She is just beautiful. She looks like she has the happiest personality too. I cannot believe you have had her for a month already. I know you are enjoying both girls.

  2. doesn't it seem like time flies by way to quickly now? i remember when we were waiting for our referral and then court date and then travel dates and every day seemed like it had 60 hours instead of 24. now time is like a speed train again. we just had our 3 months PP-report which must be with agency in 2 weeks – it's insane. didn't we just get home yesterday? anyhow – really enjoy your updates. naomi is such a cutie!! miss our afternoon chats. i'm not online that often anymore, with all the kids home in the afternoons now and 2 being homeschooled and one with immense homework coming home from school – i barley get time anymore, sigh. oh and then the tree "babies"……..it looks like a daycare center in my home, sigh.anyhow, still read your blog ALL the time, there must be time for the weeks-blog πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for posting on my blog..you are always so encouraging!:) It looks like you guys are settling in well? Can't wait to see this new little one grow, grow, grow!

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