3 Days Down

Day 2 of home schooling was definitely better and Day 3 was better still.

I’ve learned that for us, having a routine is going to be vital.  Lili knows that school begins at 9:00 a.m. and from the time she gets up until the time I say, “It’s time to go downstairs for school,” she continually asks me how many more minutes until home school.  I seriously think we need to dedicate a good portion of our school day on time 🙂

Knowing that Naomi would need movement in her school day, Day 1 helped me evaluate just how much movement she is going to need.  So, on Day 2, I decided to begin our day with some yoga.

Barefoot Books has an awesome card deck called “Yoga Pretzels.”  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much my girls would like yoga, but “Yoga Pretzels” is a definite hit with them.  Each day they are taking turns picking out a couple of the cards and we follow the instructions on the cards which walk us thru different things like relaxation breathing (which is going to be wonderful for Lili), different yoga poses, etc. in fun ways for kids and adults.  And yes, after 2 mornings I have figured out that my body doesn’t easily bend like a pretzel and I am  horribly out-of-shape.  Obviously, this is going to be very good for all 3 of us and so far it’s also been quite entertaining 🙂

After a few minutes of yoga, we move on to some school work.

A few days ago I found a site called ABC Mouse.  SCORE!!!!  My girls think it’s fantastic and Naomi was actually intrigued enough to sit for a solid 15 minutes!!!!  While I’m working with one, the other is learning via ABC Mouse.  Then we switch.

After about 40 minutes of work, we take a music and movement break.  “Animal Boogie” has been the favorite for the last 2 days and will continue to be used the rest of the week because I happen Lili and Naomi happen to really like it 🙂  Catchy tune, fun movement – what could be better?  🙂

Then it’s back to work and before we know it, it’s lunchtime and we are done for the day.  Technically, we’re not really done for the day because learning continues throughout the day, but we aren’t sitting and working math books, doing workbooks, learning shapes, etc.  I am also sure that we will be making adjustments as time goes on.  Lili would love nothing more than to sit and do school work for hours, but Naomi just can’t hang that long, so Naomi’s nap time is likely going to become learning to read time for Lili.  Not having the distraction of Naomi during that time will be a good thing for her.

So far, so good.  I know it’s only been 3 days, but I actually found myself smiling this morning as I realized that I really was enjoying the home school gig.  Stay tuned though, I’m quite sure there will be a post in the future titled, “What Was I Thinking?”  After all, there is absolutely no way we are going to have a great school day every day.


    • LOL!!! Lili went to a private pre-school and it was really a great experience for both of us. She changed in some positive ways and I had alone time with Naomi that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. However, when it came to putting her in kindergarten, I felt very different about things.

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