Geography Lesson

My girls are studying geography in their homeschool studies. For Naomi, this is learning directions and reading very simple maps. It’s much the same for Lili, with map reading becoming more challenging now that she’s doing 2nd grade work. Lili is also quite fond of geography and I thought it would be a fun geography lesson if each of my readers would leave me a comment and tell me where you are from. No specific addresses please. Just the city (if you’re comfortable doing so) or general location (for me that would be Central Illinois), state and/or country. I will then have the girls look up all these locations on a map or globe and we will do a follow-up study to find something unique about each location.

I hope many of you will participate in our little geography lesson and I will share our findings over the next few months.



  1. Good Morning Ladies! This is great fun and one of my favorite studies. I hail from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Land of the tornado and riches of history) Enjoy your studies 🙂

  2. Northern New South Wales, Australia. We live in an area near Kyogle. We are about an hour’s drive from Mt. Warning and Byron Bay on the coast. Hope you can find us 🙂 Joy and the goldens 🙂

  3. Ladies, I thought I’d give you some locations a little further away. I live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada (think of Wayne Gretzky). My mother was born south of Battleford, Saskatchewan; my father was born in London, England. My partner was born in Hamilton, Ontario and his parents were born outside of Riga, Latvia. I have a sister who lives near Dallas, Texas; a niece who lives near Lebanon, Pennsylvania; a nephew who lives in Prince George, British Columbia.

    that should give you lots of opportunity to “travel” the world a bit at a time.

    Chris S in Canada

  4. From one homeschooling family to another. We live in south central Alaska. Wasilla, Alaska. Yep, the city Sarah Palin is from.
    April in Ak

  5. Hello Naomi and Lilli…….I’m from Australia, and we say “g’day mate’. I live in a little town tucked between the mountains and the ocean called Murwillumbah….wow, great name hey? It’s the name the First People who lived here called it, and it means place of possums. I have 4 grandchildren, maybe you’d like to look up where they live…it’s a bit closer to you than Australia…they live in Akron Ohio, they’re big now, but used to be home-schooled too. Enjoy your geography lessons, how terrific is your mum to make to make it so much fun. ‘Bye.

    • Another visitor from Australia! G’day mate!!!

      Lili watched a documentary on the deadliest animals in Australia and now she thinks it’s a deadly place to live. My hope is this geography lesson will give her a broader view of places around the world and that she will see Australia as much more than deadly 🙂

      Thank you for participating in our geography lesson.

  6. Hi there girls, I live just north east of Glasgow, in the UK, in a wee village at the foot of the Campsie Hills. What a great way to get to grips with some geography. x

  7. Naomi and Lili,

    I live in San Antonio, TX. San Antonio has an important place in Texas History. The weather here is very different here though from where you live and we have different animals here too. My husband and I are growing tomatoes in pots on our back porch this year. I have read in your mother’s blog that you like to garden too. We also have four cats, Ajax, Bridgette, Jethro, and Molly (she is the only girl cat and is the boss!). Thank you for letting me be a part of your studies.

  8. HI Debbie! We are in Springfield, IL. I’ve lived in Kansas City, MO, was born in Canton, IL and Jim was born in Syracuse, NY. S&F were born near Yirgalem, ETH. I have a dear friend named Eveliina in Helsinki, Finland if you need a spot that direction! I loved visiting there! Have fun, I’ll have to do this and look forward to following along.

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