There was a time in my life when I was fairly organized.  Never OCD organized, but there was some organization in my life and my home.  Somewhere along the way, organization flew out the window and I need it to fly right back in.

Lately, all I can think about is how important it is going to be to organize the RV.  Unlike my home with plenty of closets, cupboards and shelf space, the RV won’t have much and there isn’t a lot of room to add more.

Then the thought pops in my head – “If I can’t get this house organized, what makes me think I can get our RV organized”?

So now I’ve challenged myself to get my house cleaned and organized before the RV arrives.  Believe me, that’s a lofty goal folks.

A couple weeks ago, hubby and I got to work in the basement.  I began putting things in boxes to take to Goodwill.  Things that haven’t seen any other part of the house except the basement in years.  I have a table in the basement that if full of Christmas decorations.  Decorations that I haven’t used in years.

Why do I keep this stuff?

Oh yeah, I remember!  I have this tendency to convince myself that someday I may want it or use it again.

That’s crazy talk!!!!!!!!

It’s time to end the crazy and stop being lazy.

It’s time to remove the junk and get out of this funk.

It’s time to stop the mutter and de-clutter.

(The kids and I have been working on rhyming words quite a bit lately.  Can you tell?)

I am going to strive for more simplicity.


The last thing I want to do is continue cluttering up our lives to the point that I need to use all 7 days in the week to keep up with things.  I want to spend my weekends camping with no feelings of guilt about all the stuff there is to do at home.  I want to walk in the door from a fun weekend in the great outdoors to see a home and not all the stuff this home hides behind.

Because I don’t know exactly when the RV will take up residence in our driveway, I am giving myself 21 days.  I’ll call it the 21 Day Reduce and Simplify challenge.   My goal is to remove all those things in our home that are only here collecting dust or hiding in the back of the closet.  We must have a regular use for everything in our house, otherwise it needs to go.  (Don’t worry hubby, I have a regular use for you in our house 🙂 )

By April 1st, I want my focus to be on organizing the RV and spending our weekends camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Ready, set, go!!!!




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