Storing the New Baby

There are many things to consider when buying an RV and a big one for us was storage.

This was a topic of discussion in our house and it wasn’t until after we ordered it that we made a decision on where our home on wheels would live in between trips.

The problem with storing it on our property is room.  We don’t have a small yard, but our yard is taken up by garden, fence, clothesline, trees, and shrubs.  So we talked about finding a place locally where we could store it.  I’ve driven by several different storage facilities and have seen RV’s sitting behind fences.  All lined up just waiting for their owners to come take them on the road to the next campground.

However, storing the new baby at a storage facility would require incurring monthly storage fees.  Plus, every time we wanted to go camping, we would need to plan in advance so we had time to get her out of storage, bring her home, plug her in and get ready for the trip.  That’s not a huge thing when taking longer camping trips.  For weekend trips, which we will be doing a lot, that is not the most convenient set up.

Ultimately, we decided that by doing some landscaping, the new baby of could live here with her family instead of sitting in the corner at some storage facility.  Because no one puts baby in the corner.

So now we have a job to do.  We’ll be removing a few shrubs and a small tree.  We will also move the clothes line from the side of the house to the back of the house.  No big deal right?!!!  I wish!!!!  These shrubs aren’t small and the tree, while not that big, both have deep roots.  There will be quite a bit of work involved clearing space.

Once we have the landscaping done and everything moved out-of-the-way, we will have someone come in to level things out and put down gravel so we have a nice parking space for our new baby.  We will also have power run to that side of the house so we are able to keep our new vacation home plugged in and ready to go at a moments notice.

While this creates a lot of work and some extra expense, we would have likely ended paying more in storage fees over time and having the RV here allows us to jump in and go camping with little planning time.  Since we tend to be spur of the moment type people, this is a really good benefit.

Now, if we can get rid of the snow and ice, we can begin preparations and get things set up as we anxiously await this baby.

And for those who are concerned about us killing plants to park an RV, don’t worry.

I’m hoping to plant a couple of apple trees in another part of the yard and a couple of blueberries bushes in the garden. The loss of the shrubs and tree will be replaced, but this time with things that produce something edible for our family. That’s a win in my book.


  1. Wow! That’s so nice of you to offer 🙂 Of course we would REALLY need to plan ahead on camping trips if stored at your house. LOL!!!!

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