It Just Got Real

About 20 minutes ago, we hired a realtor to sell our house.  The paperwork is signed and once we complete the list of projects he suggested (we really need to update some things) the realtor will take pictures and put the For Sale sign in the yard.

It just got real!


  1. I haven’t been good about posting but I am still reading! I can’t believe you are moving! What a big change. Look forward to hearing more about your adventure!

    • This is a very big change in so many ways and the emotions around here are high in both good and bad ways. However, we know everything will work out and this is a good move for our family.

  2. Sooo happy for you guys. We will miss u but glad you get to be around family and somewhere warmer. I’m sure we’ll be in the area at some point to visit. 😁

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