Back to the Drawing Board

During the home inspection, the inspector found damage to the roof from a recent hail storm.  We had a roofing company out to inspect further and it was determined the roof needed to be replaced. A request was sent to the seller to have the roof replaced and this morning our agent was told the seller will not be doing anything more to the house. As such, we have walked away from the deal. We were willing to take on the cost of upgrades, which would have been a very good investment of our money. We’re not willing to take on the expense of replacing a roof. The seller carries insurance on the house and hail damage is a covered loss. The total expense would have fallen on our shoulders and it’s not an expense we want to incur. So it’s back to the drawing board.

Tomorrow afternoon we will meet with our agent and begin looking at houses again.

The girls are disappointed, especially Naomi. She was very excited about the room that would become her bedroom. It had a loft and she had big plans for playing in that loft. Now she wants us to find another home with a loft. I told her it was doubtful we would find another house with a loft, but who knows.

Lili is only mildly disappointed. She asked why we weren’t buying the house, I explained and she is able to accept that explanation and move on with the attitude that we’ll find a better house. Hopefully we will.

So good-bye Tuscany house. It was fun planning and dreaming, but it was not meant to be.


  1. I’m confused – if the seller carries insurance and hail is covered, why aren’t they replacing the roof????

    • I don’t know what’s going on. I’m guessing the seller doesn’t have the money for the deductible. Apparently they have the money to keep paying on an empty house though.

  2. Different scenario but same outcome for us! I believe our houses are out there….we just have to be patient for the right one! Hang in there!!

  3. Well dang I’m sorry that worked out the way it did. I know that’s frustrating and disappointing. Yeah, that whole thing sounds kind of odd if you ask me. We had a hail storm here last year and almost the whole dang town had their roof replaced because of hail damage. Back to house hunting!!

    • Hail storms in Texas is very normal. As such, insurance companies put a separate deductible on hail damage claims. It’s pretty common to see roofs being replaced because a hail storm moved thru. We’ve seen two already this spring.
      Overall, I’d say we were feeling more frustrated than disappointed. We worked hard on putting together a fair offer and were working with a seller that just wasn’t motivated enough. So we move on and that’s okay.

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