That’s How We Roll

Our home purchase experience has been full of ups and downs.

First we found a fixer-upper in Arlington.

–          Offer made

–          Nothing back from the seller on the offer

–          Finally, a new offer is made

–          Offer is accepted

–          Home inspection completed

–          Roofer out to inspect roof

–          Seller decides she will not replace the roof

–          We walk away


Next we find two houses we like.

–          Offers made on both houses

–          Counter offer comes back on our favorite of the two

–          Counter offer accepted

–          Home inspection done

–          Paperwork moving along smoothly

–          Sellers request an earlier close date

–          Request accepted

–          Problems with VA entitlement

–          Problems resolved

–          Waiting on appraisal, which needs to be completed and to the lender in three days

–          Realtor suddenly realizes the termite inspection hasn’t been ordered

–          Trying to expedite termite inspection

Yes folks, we are down to the wire.  No getting everything done early and then sitting back and waiting on closing.  Everything in our life needs to have some excitement built in, because that’s how we roll 🙂


The good news is, our realtor sent me a text yesterday letting me know that the appraisal is due to be completed within the next 3 days.  If it does get completed and to the lender by Monday, we’re good to go on Thursday.

We’re trying to bring this to an exciting finish!!!

Stay tuned.

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