Teachers Want Kids to Be Happy

I suppose this post could be seen as happy and uplifting about as easily as it could be seen as frustrating.  After all, I’m comparing schools in one country to schools in another.  However, as a homeschool mom, I find this information fascinating and motivating.  Instead of worrying so much about how much time my girls spend with their noses in the books, I’m motivated to provide them more time to play and explore.


A quick search provided even more positive information about Finland’s school system.

Like an article published by Education Week teacher, which you can read here.

Or an article published by NPR you can read here.

Scholastic also published an article you can read here.

I found article after article that talked about the success of Finland schools and how much can be learned from that model.  A model that I will strive to emulate as best I can in our homeschool environment.

Good job Finland!!!


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