What to Wear?

It’s snowing again.  “Hello Winter Storm Nika,” and this winter I’ve begun to think a lot about my homestead wardrobe.  When the weather is hot, I wear a lot of capris, short-sleeved tops and flip flops.  It works well for the gardening and housework I do now, but I don’t think it’s going to work as well for all the jobs on the farm.  I need to find comfortable clothes that will work well for housework, gardening, feeding animals, as well as cleaning coops and barns.

This is very Little House on the Prairie, but isn’t quite my style.  Although I do like those boots.

Wearing jeans on the farm makes good sense . . . .

I just need to find that perfect fitting pair of jeans and haven’t accomplished that task yet.

Maybe a nice pair of overalls with a cool short-sleeved shirt.  When I look at these overalls I think “farm.”  Exchange the short-sleeved shirt for a long-sleeved shirt on cool evenings and I’m set!

And I could have overalls in a variety of colors . . . .



Maybe a pair of these for a fancy day on the farm.

Probably not though.

Of course a good jacket is a must on the farm.  One that will work for rainy mornings or cool nights.

And one to add a little more color on the farm.

Farm work doesn’t end in the winter, so warm clothes will be a necessity.

Like some quilted overalls.

In a variety of colors because the same outfit over and over again is boring.

And a nice warm work coat to wear under the overalls.



And I can’t be on my farm without owning a few flannel shirts.


Last, but certainly not least, I have to consider footwear.

I’m going to have animals on my little farm, so I’m going to need a good pair of muck boots.

And there is going to be a lot of garden work to do, so a decent pair of gardening shoes is in order.

And a work boots are a necessity.

And I can’t forget work gloves.

Okay, I don’t really need ‘everything’ I on this list, but my wardrobe is going to be expanding and I really think I’m going to like the changes.

What are your must have clothing items for the farm?


  1. Sweat pants or yoga pants and sports bra for the summer garden… Thick old coats and good jeans in the winter. 😛 Two pairs of gloves, one rubbery for working messy, one thick and fuzzy for working cold… One pair of steel toed boots, $30 at payless, with a waterproof sealant to apply to them for year round. That’s about it!

  2. This gave me a good laugh this morning, thanks! We women not only plan the heck out of our future but know just what we are going to wear when we get there! I wear skirts like the one at the top, believe it or not. They are so comfortable. I am so tall that jeans never fit. My hubby has thing for overalls so I will have to get some of those. I think skirts with muck boots, t-shirts with quirky farm sayings on them, and always an apron will be my farmers market gear this year. If you were closer, we could go shopping for our new farm clothes! I love it!

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