Recently, some home school moms and I met up with our kids at a local indoor play area.  This group had just started meeting at a local park, but on this particular day, the weather wasn’t so cooperative, so we moved it indoors.

While the kids were off doing their thing, we chatted about many different things, including books.  It was during this conversation I admitted that I have read virtually none of the classics.

Tom Sawyer?  No

Moby Dick?  No

Pride and Prejudice?  No

To Kill a Mockingbird?  No

The Great Gatsby?  No

I think I had to read Of Mice and Men in high school, or maybe it was the Catcher in the Rye.   Obviously, if I can’t remember which books it was, it didn’t make much of an impression on me.  I probably didn’t even finish it.

What I realized during our conversation, is that I’m not the only one who has read so few of the classics.  What I also discovered is that they were all interested in putting together a monthly classics book club.  So, that’s what we are doing.

Our first book is Pride and Prejudice.

Image result for pride and prejudice

I really need to spend more time reading, so I hope the book club will give me the incentive I need.

How many of the classics have you read?

Which one is your favorite?


  1. My favorites are The Grapes of Wrath and To Kill a Mockingbird. I should probably revisit some classics myself…

    • I should have added that I’ve read many children’s classics, but somewhere along the way I missed out on the adult classics. Lili’s literature right now is Alice and Wonderland. It’s one of the classics I missed and I must say, it’s not an easy read. Makes me wonder what the author was doing when he wrote it. LOL!!!!

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