Busy Day

I’ve been trying to get into a better blogging routine in the last week and was doing pretty well until today.

We head out on our cruise this Sunday and I am in full cleaning and packing mode.  As such, my blog has taken a back seat.

While we’re gone, I will be disconnecting, so there will be no blog posts published.  I do, however, plan to write a little something every day.  When I return, I should have several posts, with photos, ready to share.

Image result for bon voyage Cruise royal caribbean





  1. HAVE AN AWESOME TIME! Itinerary?? Por favor, para que pueda yo viajar con ustedes:) It would be fun to imagine or look at where you are. Yikes! Major idea – could I use you and family in class to “follow” you??? This would be perfect. OMgoodness. maps and countries, investigations, authentic learning, gives me shivers… What do you think?
    love you guys – can already hear the waves…

    • Sailing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Roatan on Wednesday, Belize on Thursday, Cozumel on Friday. Sailing on Saturday and crying on Sunday 😦 And to answer your question in my best 25% Spanish fluency – Si!!!! At least I think you were asking if you can come with us. LOL!!! And absolutely tons of opportunity for education on our trip.

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