RV Options

For those who followed our move from Illinois to Texas, you know that we lived in our RV full-time while waiting for our house in Illinois to sell.  The Class A RV we had, while great for travel was not great for full-time living.


As a result, we traded it in on a large 5th wheel.

We purchased the 5th wheel knowing we would be living in it for 1 or more years.  After all, we had a house to sell back in Illinois and the housing market back there wasn’t very good at all.  It didn’t matter that we didn’t have a truck to tow it with, because we would be living in it, not traveling with it.  So we made the purchase and arrangements to have it delivered to our space at the RV park.

We had hired a couple of people to do some work on our house back in Illinois before putting it on the market and the purchase of the 5th wheel was complete when our realtor was finally able to list our house.  Three days later we got the call that someone had put in an offer on the house.  It was a good offer that we accepted and we found ourselves in the position of now owning a 5th wheel with the option of being able to purchase a sticks and bricks home in Texas.

They say hindsight it 20/20 and in this case, it may have made a bit more sense to wait until after our house was listed before purchasing a different RV.  However, we all make decisions based on the information we have on hand and our information lead us to believe our house really would not sell quickly and certainly not as quickly as it did.

We lived in the 5th wheel for about 5 1/2 months before closing on our house here in Texas and after getting some warranty work done, we moved her to a storage facility.  There she sits, unused 😦

Now that we are feeling settled in our new home, hubby and I have begun having conversation about what we do with her.  It doesn’t make sense to make payments on something we are unable to use.  We could go out and buy a truck to pull her with, but she takes a pretty good-sized truck and neither hubby or I want to drive that big of a truck around on a regular basis.  Plus, we’ll likely be adding a couple foster kids to our household in the not too distant future.  Putting six people in the cab of a truck, while doable, isn’t a great idea in our book.  I really don’t like the idea of a child in the front seat and that would be our only option.

So, we nixed the idea of buying a truck to keep the 5th wheel and decided to hit the Dallas RV Show over the weekend in an effort to make a decision on an RV.

We left the RV show without making a decision.  At least not a final decision.

After looking at some Class C’s and a couple of Class A’s, we decided that a travel trailer probably made the most sense.  Maybe something we can tow with our Suburban.  Now it’s a matter of determining exactly how much our Suburban can pull.  Or will it make more sense to get a heavy-duty van that can more easily pull a travel trailer?  A van would certainly be more comfortable for two adults, four kids and three dogs, but we’re just not sure what would be best at this point.  At least we can begin looking into all of this and will hopefully find something that works well for our family so we can get back into camping.  After all, unlike Illinois, camping in Texas is a year-round event and we should take advantage of that.  Plus, camping helps fill my travel bug 🙂





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