Naming Animals

Continuing the draft folder clean-up.

Great memories for mom!!

My girls loves stuffed animals and they love to give them names. Sometimes they struggle to come up with the perfect name. Lili likes have an association between her animal and something else in her life. For example, her little stuffed horse is names Cooper, which happens to be the name of the pony she rides in her lessons each week. She has a pink teddy bear named Pink and a tiger who she calls Tara names they come up with are interesting and a bit comical at times.

Naomi likes to have an association between her animal names and something in her life as well, but for the most part she is content to come up with a name on her own. For example, her stuffed tiger is named Shelter, her kitty cat is Chancie and her other little tiger is Penelopeed. She has a third tiger named Lightbald and a horse she calls Dave, which happens to be her dad’s name.

Like I said, interesting and rather comical names.

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