The Things They Do and Say

Another draft just sitting there collecting dust . . . no more!!

I hope the girls will one day enjoy reading these in their adult years.

I just love things that my kids do and say.  Okay, not all the time, but there are certainly moments of pride and laughter.

Like this morning when Naomi looked out the window and announced, “Dad, you have bicycles hanging from your jeep.  They are just hanging down.”  I’m sure you’ve all figured out that what she really meant was icicles, not bicycles.

Or yesterday when Lili announced that she wanted to cook soup.  She sat down and told me what she wanted in her soup, I helped her spell the words and then later helped her create her soup.  She calls it Guatemalan Chicken Soup, because she’s from Guatemala and she made the chicken soup.

See the source image

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