Halloween Has Begun

The city set up a drive thru Halloween park. About 15 businesses participated by setting up tents and handed out treat to each child in the vehicle. Everyone was instructed to stay in their vehicle with windows rolled down and bags ready to accept the treats. The nice thing was, it wasn’t just candy.

We came home with books, play hats, coloring books, crayons, pens, and glow sticks. Of course we also came home with candy because what’s Halloween without candy?!!

The park wasn’t overly decorated, but the fire department had a couple trucks out with lights flashing and the firemen would periodically honk the horns and sound the sirens. It really was set up to be a family friendly event and a nice, stress-free start to the weekend.

This is our first Halloween in our new neighborhood and town. So far it’s proving to be a weekend full of activity. While we don’t plan on participating in everything, it’s nice to have lots-o-options.

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