Good-Bye 2021 and Please Be Good to Us 2022

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When we said good-bye to 2020, I had big dreams of a much better 2021. In some ways 2021 was better than 2020, but in other ways not so much. So please 2022, be good to us.

This year Lili will turn 15, Naomi will become a teenager and later this month Arryn will turn 4.

Hopefully 2022 will bring Baby Brother into our family.

This year travel plans are made. Our hope is that 2022 will be good to us and allow us to see these travel plans come to fruition instead of cancelling or postponing due to COVID.

If 2022 is good to us, we will finally solidify our future retirement plans and put some actual action in place.

We are entering the fourth year of this pandemic and are ready to see some major improvement including a huge reduction in the number of cases and severity. Please be good to us 2022 and put an end to this pandemic.

Mostly we hope that 2022 is good to us bringing much health, wealth and happiness to us as well as all our family and our friends.

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