Coming Home

Dave is behind the wheel and the girls are being entertained by Nemo, so I decided this was a good time to do a quick blog from the road post.

Our time in Florida was very nice. We spent quite a bit of time in the pool and by the time we got out of the pool the first day, Lili was swimming. I mean no arm floaties, holding her breath, under water swimming. She used arm floatiesĀ for the first time on our trip to Guatemala in June and has only been swimming a handful of times since then. She has also been a bit fearful of the water, so this truly is a big deal. Now i need to find a way to keep her in the water this fall, winter and spring.

Our trip also allowed us the opportunity to spend time with family. That typically happens when a family member is getting married and it was certainly a highlight of our trip.

The primary purpose of our trip was to attend our nephew’s wedding. Naomi was the flower girl and based on how she did during the wedding rehearsal, I didn’t have high hopes that she was going to walk down the aisle during the wedding, but we were committed to at least try. So, on the day of the wedding she was decked out in her dress, tights, and shoes. She even had a new ivory headband with an ivory rose and beads in her hair. After a few pictures with the bride, it was Show Time. All the bridal attendants were in line and one-by-one they walked down the aisle. As Naomi and the ring bearer neared the entrance, Naomi pulled her headband out of her hair. As I quickly tried to put it back in her hair I thought, “this really isn’t a good sign.” However, as she stood in the doorway to begin her walk down the aisle and saw the audience, she began to walk. She knew it was her moment to shine and she was not going to allow this moment to pass her by. She took her time. She savored the moment. She knew everyone was watching her and then she saw her daddy. She ran over to him, gave him a hug and then continued on to her Aunt Lee Ann, stole her fan, (I should point out the fact that the wedding was outdoors and it was rather hot) and joined the bridal party at the front of the chapel. It was truly a proud moment for mommy and daddy.

At the reception the attendants lined up and entered the banquet room as the DJ introduced them. Apparently, the moment was just too overwhelming for Naomi and she entered the room hanging from my arm. But she walked down the aisle!!!!!

My only regret from the weekend is that we didn’t visit the beach. However, we experienced a weekend full of love, laughter and wonderful memories. In my book, that makes the weekend a huge success.

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I am a wife, a mother via biology and adoption, a homeschooler and a lover of travel.

2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Stopping by to say, “hi”. ALL of our kids are finally in school and I have the time of the world (actually it’s only 3 hours) to catch up on blog land.
    Seeing you have/had a super busy summer! Can’t wait to read up some more.

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