Delayed Post So Cruise Instead

I have been trying to write a follow-up post to my last but am having writer’s block. Instead I’ll post photos of our recent cruise.

Travel is so awesome!!

Caribbean Night!
Formal Night
Swimming with dolphins
Meeting Nemo
Washy Washy! Great way to start our mornings!!
Love towel animals!
More Caribbean night
View from our balcony
Beach #1
First time on the beach for this guy.
Beach #2
Cruise drink love!
Sea turtle time
So peaceful

This cruise was challenging with our 15-month-old, but our hope is that he will learn to love cruising as much as we do. He just needs more ship time! 🙂

We have another cruise booked for December. A different ship. A new port. New experiences. New memories.


  1. Looks so fun! Which cruise and cruise line was this? Guessing the swimming with the dolphins was an “excursion? Were the sea turtles an excursion?

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