Cruising on a Monday Afternoon

Now that cruising is back in full swing, or should I say sailing, the World of Weeks is trying to make up for lost time.

After we returned from our cruise on Liberty of the Seas, hubby and I began looking at other cruises to see if we could find a good deal. We did find a great deal and YOLO booked it. This time sailing on Adventure of the Seas.

We celebrated Thanksgiving and then began packing for our November 28th departure. It was a shorter cruise. Only 5-nights, but we were excited to sail on another ship we hadn’t been on before and very excited to check out the new Royal Caribbean terminal in Galveston.

The new terminal in Galveston was very nice and the process quick and seamless. There was no long line of people weaving their way thru security and check in. For our family of six, it took about 15 minutes total and we were soon headed to the gangway for boarding.

This was also the first cruise we had taken that left on a Monday. Our previous cruises had left on a weekend or a Friday for a long weekend cruise. With hubby being on Family Bonding Leave (a benefit his employer offers to any employee who has added a child to the family thru adoption or birth), leaving on a weekday wasn’t a huge deal for us. Technically, it was the same amount of time he would have taken off for a 7-night cruise that left on a weekend day. And the most important thing was that we were once again heading out on our favorite kind of get-away.


We ported in Costa Maya and Cozumel Mexico. The weather was perfect and other than a day and night of rough seas, it was a nice cruise.

I will share my thoughts on the ship in a separate post.

For now, here are some pictures from our latest cruise adventures.

In Cozumel, the girls and I did an excursion that taught us how Mexico celebrates Christmas.

Our first few cruises included towel animals nightly during the cruise. Now we only get a couple towel animals during the week. Like many other businesses, the cruise industry has had to deal with a shortage of employees and cutbacks. Putting together towel animals for each stateroom is time consuming and takes hours. Rather than remove it completely, they have simply adjusted by cutting back on the amount of time statement attendants spend on their towel animal creations. While I admit that it’s disappointing to not find a cute little creation on our stateroom each night, I’m happy it has continued.

I got to fulfill one of my cruise bucket list items by sailing on a ship that was decorated for the holidays.

But I didn’t get to see just one ship decorated.

Stay tuned.


    • Obviously, I highly recommend cruising. I hope you are able to one day cruise again. If Alaska is of interest to you, Royal Caribbean has two of their largest ships that sail from Seattle. An Alaska cruise was never on my bucket list, then I kept hearing over and over and over how the Alaska cruises were favorites among cruisers. Now we have that one on the list for the future.

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