My Homestead Hubby

Although my blog isn’t totally dedicated to our homesteading/hobby farming hopes, dreams and plans, it has become a big part of my blog.  Some of my blog posts have come out of conversations hubby and I have had, but many of our conversations have never been shared out here.  My blog is about our journey thru life and that encompasses a lot of different topics and hubby has his own thoughts and ideas about our homestead that I have chosen not to share simply because they are his.  So earlier this year I convinced my hubby that he needed his own homesteading blog.   A journal where he can share his thoughts, feelings and ideas about our homesteading/hobby farming dream.  Me writing from my perspective and hubby writing from his is bound to be interesting, right?

He agreed to give it a shot and started blogging, but after a few posts he quit.  He just quit blogging.  I don’t even pretend to understand this!

What I do understand is that he has a job outside the home and his job carries over into the evening at home many nights.  He also has duties here at home.  His honey-do list isn’t getting any shorter folks.   So I get it – blogging isn’t always the first thing on his agenda.  But he is a ‘good’ writer.  In fact, a much better writer than I am and he has mentioned writing a book several times over our 28 years of marriage.  So why not blog?  Why not use this as a springboard toward something bigger one day?  Why not share his thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams about our future homestead in blogland?

Apparently, my nagging worked because he’s back to blogging and hopefully more than just a few posts.

Jump on over to and follow him on our journey to the homesteading lifestyle.

Green Acres

During my childhood, a favorite television show in our house was “Green Acres” – The New York attorney dreams of being a farmer so he buys a run-down farm and drags his wife away from the city to begin their own homestead in Hooterville USA. Each week we would tune in to watch Oliver and Lisa Douglas battle their way through the world of farming with lots of laughter.

Right now you’re probably thinking – Seriously, this woman is going to blog about Green Acres? Why?

Green Acres is the place to be,

farm livin is the life for me,

land spreadin out so far and wide

keep Manhattan just give me that countryside.

Yes, the Weeks are moving to the country. Living in a small Central IL community surrounded by corn and soy bean fields just isn’t small enough for us. Although, if things work out well, we may end up with more acreage than this small community sits on 🙂

I’ve had a growing desire to live a much more self-sufficient life. A healthier life. Not that we can’t live healthier and more self-sufficiently where we are now. We’ve actually been moving in this direction for some time now.

From the health standpoint, Dave and I are working hard to lose weight and eat healthier (I’m now down 23.4 lbs in the last 4 months and he’s lost over 13 lbs in the last 3 weeks using ViSalus). We’re eating less and what we’re eating is definitely healthier.

From the self-sufficiency standpoint, I homeschool the girls, make our laundry and cleaning products, and we have a garden (although gardening has pretty much been on the back burner for a few years). We also tend to be do-it-yourselfers, not with everything, but with many things.

However, we want to live a life that is even more self-sufficient than the one we can create here. We want to homestead and we have too many limitations where we are now.

There is a lot that has to happen before we can move forward with our plans. The big piece in all of this is selling our house, so our primary focus right now is getting it ready to put on the market with the goal of selling it as quickly as we can (that’s what every seller wants). Then we need to find and purchase land (5 acres is our starting point) and the list goes on. This isn’t going to be an over-night process at all, but it’s very exciting!

And for those who are interested, we will be staying in Central IL.  We want to be self-sufficient, but Dave’s day job is going to be necessary for a very long time.

I anticipate we’ll have some Green Acres experiences during this process and although there won’t be t.v. cameras following us on this journey (although I may need to break out our video camera from time-to-time), we will certainly be blogging about our adventures. I’ll be blogging my thoughts and experiences here while hubby blogs his thoughts and experiences over at Homestead Hubby.  Each time you visit me at World of Weeks,  click the Homestead Hubby tab at the top of the page to follow his blog. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll blog about our new pig named Arnold 😉

There’s a New Blog In Town

No, I didn’t start a new blog, but there is a new blog that was recently started by someone I happen to know very well.  Some of you may know him too.

Before you click on the link below, you may want to answer the following questions.

– Are you someone who is willing to think outside the box?

– Do you enjoy participating in some (hopefully) friendly debate?

– Do you like to be challenged to see another point-of-view?

– Can you handle pretty much any topic?  For example, sex, drugs, rock and roll, politics, religion, marriage, parenting, music, fitness, books, movies, and food – to name a few

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, this new blog may be for you.

On the other hand, if you answered ‘no’ to any or all of the questions listed above, you may want to ignore this blog post altogether and just move on to something else 🙂



A Little Bit of This With a Splash of That

When I started this new blog last December, I figured out just enough on WordPress to get it up and running.  Since that time, I’ve done very little with it, but knew that I eventually wanted to change the look of the blog.  Today, while the girls were napping, I changed the look and figured out how to do a few more things with WordPress.  I still have a lot to learn and I’m not quite sure how I feel about the new look, but it can always be changed again.

So, tell me what you think.  Is the new look good, bad or just okay?

I am also going to keep sharing information on my husband’s weight loss challenge for charity.   Not only is he trying to do something that will improve his quality life, but he is trying to do something that will also improve the quality life for some children in Ethiopia.  I happen to think that is a pretty awesome challenge to take on.  Some of my blog readers have already shown their support by making a pledge and I hope others of you will do the same.  Please take a couple of minutes to visit his blog and show your support.

I’m working on a blog post about Naomi.  Honestly, she is changing so much on a daily basis that it’s hard to keep up.  Since my blog has taken the place of baby books for my girls, it’s that much more important that I blog about all the milestones along the way.  Hopefully I’ll have my next post finished and posted here in the next few day, so keep checking back.

There are some other things in the works here at the World of Weeks, but until I have more concrete information to share, I’ll just leave it at that and let everyone wonder what other information I may have to share in a future blog post 🙂

Being Realistic

On Saturday, Dave, Lili, Naomi and I will be heading south to Florida.  On Monday afternoon we will board a cruise ship and head to the Bahamas for a few days of warmth and beauty.  I will try to post a few times while we’re gone, but in the meantime, getting caught up on my picture posts is just not realistic.  However, be prepared for a lot of picture posts when I return, including pictures of our cruise and the Bahamas.


WordPress is encouraging bloggers to participate in one of two challenges.

  • Post a Day 2011: Post something to your blog every single day through 2011
  • Post a Week 2011: Post to your blog at least once a week through 2011
  • While I’m quite certain I can post often in 2011, posting every day in 2011 is something I know won’t happen.  We already have two trips planned this upcoming year, one taking us out of the country and I’m trying to plan a trip back to Guatemala where an internet connection isn’t always available.
  • Now, a post a week?   That’s a challenge I can accept and will take on.

    Then earlier today I was reading a friend Cammie\’s blog and she introduced me to a new challenge that I’m going for.  It’s called the 365Project and in a nutshell it challenges people to document their lives by taking 1 photo every day and all you need is a camera.  Having two cameras, I should be able to accomplish this task.  And what a fun challenge that will also give me something to blog about each week 🙂

    While I wish these were the only challenges I had to face this year, these are challenges that will be fun to try and accomplish throughout the year.  And hopefully, while I’m having fun I’ll tackle some of the not-so-fun challenges like weight-loss and organizing 😦

    What challenges do you plan to tackle in 2011?

    A New Year, A New Blog

    In June of 2007, we received our referral of a beautiful baby girl and a month later I began blogging about our adoption journey.  I thought it would be a great way of keeping friends and family up-to-date with the process.  It served that purpose beautifully and I continued to use my blog to update everyone on our life after bringing Lili home then again throughout our second adoption journey to Ethiopia and our precious little Naomi.

    While in process of Naomi’s adoption, I decided to make my blog private.  I felt some things needed to be kept out of the public eye and using Blogger meant the only way that could happen was to make the entire blog private.  Because I had become quite comfortable using Blogger, I was hesitant to switch and try to learn a new system.  However, as a new year approaches, it’s a good time to make the switch.  You know, out with the old, in with the new.   And don’t worry Dave, that doesn’t apply to you 🙂  WordPress has the ability to make specific posts private and I think that might work well for me – at least I hope it does.

    I hope those who have followed me through blogland will continue to do so and that I’ll make new bloggy friends along the way.  I also ask for patience as I try to navigate my way through a new system.

    Here’s to a New Year!