My Homestead Hubby

Although my blog isn’t totally dedicated to our homesteading/hobby farming hopes, dreams and plans, it has become a big part of my blog.  Some of my blog posts have come out of conversations hubby and I have had, but many of our conversations have never been shared out here.  My blog is about our journey thru life and that encompasses a lot of different topics and hubby has his own thoughts and ideas about our homestead that I have chosen not to share simply because they are his.  So earlier this year I convinced my hubby that he needed his own homesteading blog.   A journal where he can share his thoughts, feelings and ideas about our homesteading/hobby farming dream.  Me writing from my perspective and hubby writing from his is bound to be interesting, right?

He agreed to give it a shot and started blogging, but after a few posts he quit.  He just quit blogging.  I don’t even pretend to understand this!

What I do understand is that he has a job outside the home and his job carries over into the evening at home many nights.  He also has duties here at home.  His honey-do list isn’t getting any shorter folks.   So I get it – blogging isn’t always the first thing on his agenda.  But he is a ‘good’ writer.  In fact, a much better writer than I am and he has mentioned writing a book several times over our 28 years of marriage.  So why not blog?  Why not use this as a springboard toward something bigger one day?  Why not share his thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams about our future homestead in blogland?

Apparently, my nagging worked because he’s back to blogging and hopefully more than just a few posts.

Jump on over to and follow him on our journey to the homesteading lifestyle.

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