Get This Garden Started

With some containers purchased, it was time to get this garden started. We now have two tomato plants started. I want to purchase a couple of plant dolly’s so I can easily move them if necessary. Three hanging baskets of strawberries. I promise there are strawberry crowns planted in those baskets.  I’m hoping hubby canContinue reading “Get This Garden Started”

A Round of Applause for Kiwi Crates

For Christmas, we gave each of the girls a monthly subscription to Kiwi Crates. For those who don’t know what Kiwi Crates are, they are kits shipped directly to your child which include everything needed to create multiple craft, science, art and game projects.  Each month there are different projects to complete. I wasn’t sure how much Naomi wouldContinue reading “A Round of Applause for Kiwi Crates”