Get This Garden Started

With some containers purchased, it was time to get this garden started.

We now have two tomato plants started.


I want to purchase a couple of plant dolly’s so I can easily move them if necessary.

Three hanging baskets of strawberries.


I promise there are strawberry crowns planted in those baskets.  I’m hoping hubby can help me get them hung this weekend and then we’ll keep our fingers crossed for successful growth.

I also planted Serrano pepper seeds and Marigold seeds in a couple small pots.  Hopefully they’ll take root and I’ll transplant them into bigger pots in a few weeks.

We also bought some terra-cotta pots and spent a few hours of our afternoon sitting outside painting them.


Lili planted some Impatiens seeds in one of the pots she painted.  Naomi has picked out a couple different flower seed packets and we’ll be planting those in the next few days.  I will also be planting some herbs in the smaller pots.

We really enjoyed the painting project and will soon make another trip for more pots in a variety of sizes.

Now that we have started our container gardening project, I seem to have more and more ideas.  I love the splash of color the pots add to the landscape and the thought of some fresh fruits and vegetables in our future makes me happy.




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