Another Lili Update

I have new information on Lili from a secret source and I’m thrilled.

As of July 28th she weighed 11 lbs 8 ozs
She likes to watch t.v.
She likes to talk (sounds like she was meant to be part of this family)
She’s a very good baby and so cute

I also found out that DNA did not happen today, but Lili is being taken tomorrow to have DNA testing done.

Anytime we get new information, it’s a good day.

Here’s the Latest Update

I heard from our agency and as of today, DNA testing is schedule for this Thursday, August 16th. Since our case is in Family Court, they are going to try to conduct the social worker interview the same day so Lili’s birth mom doesn’t have to make another trip into Guatemala City for that. Hopefully I will get confirmation that DNA and the social worker interviews were completed, but probably won’t hear anything until next week.

So, while we aren’t necessarily any further along in our case, at least we know for sure that our attorney is trying to keep things moving.

Stay tuned for more details to come.

Good Quote and Birthday Wishes

Someone recently shared this quote and I thought it was worth sharing as well. I think it is a very good description of how I feel.

“I see international adoption as a path toward awareness of world issues, as a lens into another world — the world where the children live. Most of us in suburbia have little firsthand knowledge of how poverty and politics undermine the future for a huge number of the world’s children. But through adoption, thousands of American parents contribute a legacy for the future. They take actions they would have not thought of before. They learn about child development, attachment, culture, geography, history and identity. They support and guide their children through the challenges intrinsic to adoption.”

I would also like to publicly say “Happy Birthday” to my wonderful husband, Dave. I couldn’t ask for a better husband!

Another Weekend Come and Gone

Sadly, I have nothing to report on the adoption front. We are still playing the waiting game on DNA. If I haven’t heard anything by the end of the day Monday, I will be contacting our agency to try and get more detailed information on what is happening. Although this stage of the process can take up to 4 months, it will also take an average of 60 days from the time DNA test results are received to get our pre-approval from the U.S. Embassy. Pre-approval is basically the U.S. stating that if Guatemala deems the adoption to be final, then the U.S. will supply Lili with a Visa to come to the U.S. Until we have pre-approval, we can’t go through PGN (the Guatemala side of the process). Hopefully I’ll have some news to report before the end of the week.

For those of you not living in this part of the country, it’s “hot.” I don’t even want to get in my pool, it’s too hot. Despite the heat though, Dave and I met a group of families who have adopted children from Guatemala. Although the group is open to any families adopting from any Latin American country, there is only one family that has adopted from Mexico as well as Guatemala (that I’m aware of). We all met at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, IL. It is not a very big zoo, but it is well kept and very nice. They have a new rain forest exhibit, which I personally liked a lot. We were able to meet a couple more families from the area and very much enjoyed everyone’s children. In addition, I was able to try out a couple different strollers. Although it may not seem that exciting for some, having looked at several stroller already, it’s difficult to tell how easy they are to push and steer when a child is on board. Sometimes, it takes very little to thrill me and pushing around little ones in strollers yesterday was one of those times for me 🙂 So, in addition to helping me decide on a stroller, I got in some stroller practice. Thanks Julie and Connie!!!! After a couple hours in the zoo we went next door to the park for a picnic lunch and had a nice visit. In addition to Dave and I making some new friends, some of the kids made new friends as well.

The other highlight of our weekend was getting to visit with some out of state family members. So, it’s been a good weekend!

Keep watching for updates this week and let’s hope that we get some good news.

It’s Wonderful Finding New Friends

When receiving Liliana’s referral back in June, we discovered that her foster mom is fostering two babies. I requested information regarding the other family and was informed that I would need to talk to our attorney about putting us in contact with them, but we wouldn’t be able to do that until our visit trip. Since I like to take matters into my own hands, (Dave says it’s a control issue, but I think I’m just being efficient) I decided to post a note on one of the more popular forums to see if I could find the family myself. Little did I realize I would connect with a family who had the same foster mom when they were adopting their first daughter. It was wonderful to find someone who was able to tell me how well the foster mom cared for her daughter and that she loves and adores all the children in her care. Information like this is priceless and really helps ease my mind.

I had no idea that this journey would not only lead us to a beautiful baby girl, but that it would also bring so many wonderful new friends into our lives. Some I have never met in person, but we share the same love and passion for the children and people of Guatemala. That alone makes us friends for life.

Bad News, Good News

Although I prefer to only post good news, sometimes not so good news surfaces. Since the purpose of my blog is to keep family and friends posted of different things happening in our lives, then I need to post as much as possible.

With that said, we found out Saturday morning that Josh wrecked his car. Although we don’t know for sure yet, there is a good chance that his baby is totaled. That of course is the bad news. The good news is that other than an apparent bruised knee, Josh is fine. Not happy, but fine.

The other piece of news for today is that Ryan is most likely going to be moving to a different MARC Center home. I got a call this morning that some of the MARC Center clients were recently able to move into their own MARC Center apartments. That has opened up room in some of their other homes and will enable them to close one of their residential homes. At this time it appears that the home Ryan lives in, will be the one that they will close. While this isn’t necessarily good news or bad news, it is news none-the-less. Dave and I will be visitng his future home very soon and working closely with MARC Center on making his transition go as smoothly as possible.

From the World of Weeks, this is Debbie signing off!

Happy August

I’ve obviously spent a great deal of time discussing Liliana and our adoption, but we do have other children still at home. Of course they have four-legs and they are as cute as cute can be.

We brought Jada home in Janaury of 2006 at the ripe old age of 9 weeks. She was nothing but a little puff ball. She’s now full grown, yet still has some puppy left in her.

Lexie came home in August of 2006 at 11 weeks of age. She wasn’t quite as much of a puff ball, but what she didn’t have in puff she made up for in personality.

For those who may not recognize the breed, they are Keeshonden. Here are a couple links for those who would like to know more about the Keeshond breed.

This was a wonderful choice of breed for us. They are great family pets and highly entertaining.

I could go on and on about my precious pups, but eventually writers cramps would take over and then carpal tunnel syndrome would set in. Instead, I’ll let you read about them at your leisure and enjoy their pictures.

The Legal Process Has Begun

I received word this morning that the legal process has officially begun. Although I don’t know exactly when everything was filed I do know that we are in Family Court and that the first steps to setting up DNA have been completed. So, progress is finally being made! The two big things that need to happen next are receiving a positive DNA match and the social worker interview with Liliana’s birth mother and her foster mom. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll get some good news within the next couple of weeks.

Interesting and Impressive Essay

In order to stay informed on what is going on in the world of adoption, I read several groups, forums and websites. The following link was posted by another group member and I wanted to share it with others as I found the information and thoughts of this young lady to be remarkable and thought provoking.

I hope you’ll take the time to click and read.


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