A Trip To The Jungle

The girls and I went on a jungle adventure to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

We saw birds.

This bird was my favorite.

Lili got to hold an alligator. And not just any alligator . . . She held a rare albino gator.

There were lots o gators. Cute little baby gators.

The flamingos and peacocks freely roamed the park which I loved. We first saw one of the flamingos following a family. Thanks to one of the men in the group, who thought he was being funny, told the girls the flamingos bit him four times already. Naomi thought he was serious and was scared of being near our flamingo friend. Naomi being fearful meant Arryn was scared too and my scared 3-yr-old got panicked everytime a flamingo was within 20 feet of us.

My flamingo phobic girls found a way to have a good time though. At least when there were no flamingos around.

Maybe, on our next trip to Sarasota, we can visit the Sarasota Jungle Gardens again with less fearful kiddos. At least Lili and I happen to think it’s worth the trip.

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