RVing and Living the Homestead Dream

While our upcoming RV adventure is exciting, there is still a big part of me that can’t let go of living our homesteading dream.

What if we were to tow a chicken coop with some chickens for fresh eggs every morning?  Of course it’s doubtful chickens would lay eggs in a coop traveling down the Interstate 🙂

Maybe some goats in a towable goat barn for fresh milk every day?  Wonder what other campers would think seeing the crazy goat lady out milking her goats every morning?  LOL!

I’m just not sure how to live the RV and homestead lifestyle without one or the other suffering from neglect.  Then yesterday I came across a very intriguing lifestyle that combines RVing and homesteading in a way I never considered.

Here is the story of Davad Ekip . . . . .

RVs are for those who love and want to see their country. If you’re going to build tiny houses, intentional neighborhoods or communities, or if you want to homestead and just pursue your family dream, an RV is a good way to start the search that leads to the adventure. Here’s my story. I was actually born to a family of five… Making me family member number six. My birth was in a 20′ camper, that’s less than 160 square feet. Does that qualify? Since then, I’ve owned RVs of every sort, from tents, vans and pop-ups to converted busses, and everything in between. Of course I’ve owned a few houses along the way, both small… 1200 sq feet to large, about 4,000 sq feet.

After going full time in my RV a couple of years ago, I was invited to do a television show by one of the greatest TV production companies in the industry. Now, I’m a year into the shoot as we continue to shoot episodes around vintage RVs.

We will soon begin a thirty thousand mile trip as a nomadic city, with thirty or more vintage motorhomes. This city will include a council, school, stores, restaurant, a mobile greenhouse garden, work and repair shops, and of course the families to populate and run the town, all living in RVs. This will be a well produced and really cool show about lifestyle on the highways, which will air on a major network later this year.

This group of nomads, will be acquiring land all across the U.S. of A. Why you ask? To first build log homes, between 400-800 sq feet in size. Next we will begin to build more modern homes of the same size, but with the latest greatest materials and technology available. Close to these tiny house neighborhoods, we will construct tiny towns, to seed a different mindset of community and health, through organic gardening, local food production and mom and pop businesses. Now, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We will be followed by this TV crew, and produce episodes of our endeavors, while we stream live over the Internet, to allow a day to day following to develop. Some of the interest the show includes, are, various artist, builders, musicians and a band of philanthropist and do-gooders (cause the world can always use more do-golfers) to help spread the joy. As this band of GypSetter Nomads travel the USA building and promoting a more wholesome and endearing lifestyle, they will conceal an undisclosed (for TV purposes) agenda.

Connect with us while we’re still shooting the restoration phase and learn more. See how you can help change the future for the better, while having a blast and living the ultimate lifestyle.

Check out our current FB page “GypsyMoCo“. Who knows, you may even want to grab a vintage RV and tag along. Let’s go build cool stuff together and change the future.



I absolutely love this idea!!!!!!!  It’s a modern day version of our ancestors traveling across the country, building homes and creating small self-sufficient towns along the way.

Our plans don’t always work out the way we have envisioned them.  Maybe, just maybe, our RV adventure will lead us to the homestead lifestyle we want.  The two lifestyles combining into one great big wonderful adventure!


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