Springtime Cold

Last time my family was sick, I avoided getting sick by downing Echinacea tinctures. Unfortunately, I hadn’t restocked my supply of Echinacea, and on Sunday I began feeling a bit under the weather.  By yesterday, a springtime cold had grabbed hold of me and I was down for the count.

This morning I began looking thru my tinctures and discovered I had a little bit of Echinacea left.  If I weren’t feeling sick I would have done the Snoopy dance.  Instead, I mixed it in a glass of juice and drank it down.  I have just enough for one more dose later and I’m hoping that somehow it will be enough to put me on the road to a quicker recovery.  Being sick was certainly not on my agenda for this week and with all I have to do, I’m not very happy about the lack of productivity.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to health very soon and coming up with some interesting and creative blog posts.