Bunkbed Project

As many of you know, hubby and I began our adoption journey back in 2006 when we made the decision to adopt.

In March, 2008, we went to Guatemala and brought Lili home.

Since that time, we’ve made a few trips back to visit her foster family and birth country. On our last trip, we were able to meet her biological mother and aunt.

Unfortunately, we have not been back in a number of years, but this summer that will change.

We will be traveling with Our Guatemala Travel with Purpose on Team Maya Roots. This is a group of adoptive families and their child(ren) from Guatemala. It’s an opportunity for us to return and spend some time with Lili’s foster family and hopefully her bio mom. However, it’s also an opportunity for us to do some service work in Guatemala to help families in need.

One thing most of us probably take for granted is the luxury of crawling into our bed at night for safety and comfort. This is not a luxury for many families in Guatemala, so we will be working with “The Backyard School Project” to provide bunkbeds to families.

Like so many organizations, this one relies on donations to make this project successful.

I am asking all of my friends, family and complete strangers to please help Lili and I in our fundraising efforts One bunkbed, including mattresses and bedding, costs $250. We would love to personally raise enough money to help a minimum of 10 families. This means we need to raise at least $2500 by July 2nd to reach and hopefully exceed our goal.

With the money raised, the bunkbeds will be purchased. Lili and I, along with the rest of Team Maya Roots, will deliver and set up the beds for families waiting for these beds.

Any donation amount will help, and I do mean any donation amount. It doesn’t matter if it’s $1, $5, $50 or if you want to donate enough to purchase an entire bunkbed and bedding. Every donation is needed and appreciated.

To make it easy, I’ve included the QR code below.

Please include the following in the message section for your donation.

Our Guatemala Travel with Purpose, Team Maya Roots, The Weeks Family Bunkbed Project donation, Message morrisjma@verizon.net.

This is how we will know how many bunkbeds our team can purchase and deliver as well as how many are purchased on behalf of Lili and me.

You can also mail a check to:

Madison Adoption Associates

Society Office Complex

1102 Society Dr

Claymont, DE  19703

Please include the same message above on your check.

Thank you and advance for your donation and stay tuned for a long post about our experiences and photos from our trip.


    • Yes we are. We’ve always gone back to spend time with Lili’s foster family and travel the country. This time we’ll be there to give back. We’re very excited!

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