My 2nd Visit Trip

Sorry for the teaser yesterday, but I’ve had some rest and I’m ready to blog about my visit trip. But first, let me just say that my body when through some real adjustment when I came home. It was in the 70’s in Guatemala and when I arrived in Chicago Friday night it was 1 degree. Burrrrrrr!!!!!

My flights to and from Guatemala were uneventful. Getting through customs was a breeze and even the wait for my luggage was easy. There was a little confusion regarding my ride to the hotel, but that was quickly worked out and my stay at the La Casa Grande was wonderful. I would highly recommend it to all families making a trip to visit and especially when picking up their children. The convenience of having the Embassy next door is great and several families that were there on pick up trips commented how happy they were that they had stayed at the La Casa Grande.

At 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, our foster family brought Lili to me. As you can see from the pictures I posted yesterday and from the pictures I’ll be posting today and the rest of the week, she is doing very well. I brought a Baby Abuela doll for her. For those not familiar with these dolls, when you press their hand, they sing songs in Spanish. Lili loved it as did her foster mom. Her foster mom told me that she would like to have one of the dolls as well, so I’ll be taking one to her on our pick up trip. Anyway, Lili quickly figured out that she needed to press the red patch on the dolls hand to make her sing and very intently worked on trying to get her to sing. She was successful one time, but never quite figured out that you have to actually press down and can’t just touch it. However, every time the doll would sing, Lili would start dancing. She bobs her head from side to side and gets her little body moving from side to side, which is adorable.

Other than not eating solid foods very well for me, she did well all week.

Lili loved to flop down on the pillows. I would say night-night and she would put her head down on the pillow and just smile from ear to ear. Of course she wouldn’t lay there long, but it was so cute!
I just had to post this picture not only because of the kitty cat on the pants, but to show everyone how long her hair is getting. Keep in mind, she’s only 8 months old in this picture. I’m going to have a lot of fun with her hair, assuming I can get her to sit still long enough 🙂

How can you resist a smile like this?!!!!! She has two teeth on the bottom (obviously) and as of Friday, the 4th tooth on the top had made it’s way through the gums. Like many Guatemalan babies though, she didn’t cut the front two teeth first, but instead the ones on each side of the front two.


  1. Hi debbie, loved hearing about your trip; love Lili’s pj’s too!!!! she looks so cute and her hair is so cute too. you may need to start adding ponytail holders to your collection 🙂 Glad to hear that you had a wonderful visit with your daughter!!!

  2. She is so cute. And you will have a lot of fun with that hair…if you can get her still. When Maria was at the Hogar, they always did her hair up big time, but I feel like I am working on a moving target. 🙂 I had no idea that it was common for Guatemalan children to not get their front teeth first on top. That explains alot. When we picked Joshua up, he was getting those top side teeth. (He has now gone from two to eight in the past month!) I am glad you posted that…I had never seen that before in a child. Anyway, I hope it won’t be long before you are on your way back to bring her home!

  3. What a doll! I noticed that her hair had really come in strong! and that smile just melts ya!I am sorry that you are home without her, it is really the hardest thing I have ever done!Praying your OUT is soon and the time apart is short!PS Thanks for the La Casa reassurance, any suggestions on how to make sure they pick you up from the airport?

  4. Debbie – Looks like you will have to get good at double ponies!Thanks for sharing pics. I know how hard it is to be home. Be good to yourself. Hopefully we are both out of PGN in the next two weeks right?

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