What Was I Thinking?!

About a week ago, Lili was hanging on my leg while I was trying to feed the dogs. I decided to distract her by allowing her to help. So, I prepared their food and then gave her one of the dishes and helped her carry it and place it in the stand. We did the same thing with the second dish and she was very proud of herself. She has helped a couple times since then, but is now so proud of herself that she takes a dish out of the stand, carries it around and puts it back and then claps for herself. Fortunately, we worked with our dogs as puppies and they are not at all bothered by Lili taking their food dishes, but mom isn’t thrilled by this new game. Still it’s very cute so I took pictures of Lili and the food dish this morning.

Fortunately, I mix some canned food in with the dry. I’m sure I would have dog food all over the floor otherwise.

The dish is now going back to the stand.

She took it back out again.

And back to the stand it goes.

And now her job is complete.


  1. Such a big girl! Hey it could be worse my little nephew comes over and gives Blanca puppy popcorn just so he can sneak and eat one!! He claims they’re good so I’ll take his word for it!

  2. I think that Cecilia and Lili are misplaced twins. Not only do they have the same jammies, they both like to mess around with the dog dish and like to initiate a “bravo”. Hmmm.

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